Light Installation

A light installation that imitates the Sun’s cycles to benefit human biorhythms.

This artwork is dedicated to praise the Sun, giving life to everything on our planet. Hanging from the ceiling, the structure creates a light landscape in tune with the natural clock. A sundial interface controls the light intensity, allowing for individual atmospheric mood settings.

Ever since the invention of the light bulb, humans have become more and more disconnected from their internal biorhythms (circadian rhythm). Furthermore, the use of smartphones multiplied the intake of light within the blue spectrum in the evenings, causing various disorders. Our sleeping patterns have become out of tune. Therefore it is important to maintain good sleeping hygiene and be mindful about the use of industrial light. As the main source of inspiration for the visuals serve the “Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope” highest resolution images of the Sun’s surface ever taken.

Concept, design and development:

Studio laVina x Studio Yoon Seok-hyeon