Studio laVina is a research and design studio focused on sustainability and well-being. The studio was founded by Polina Baikina - a former economist, turned designer. After quitting her job at Gazprom, she went to study at Parsons, New York and graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2019. With her studio Polina works on developing strategies and products that would be relevant in the future for people to use today.

We believe that research is a foundation of every strong project, and we tailor it to suit every task: we sometimes begin to work with material research and experimentation to find the best solution for a product, while in the case with innovations - the starting point is human behaviour. We analyse current trends and developments in society to create a strategy for products and services that would stay relevant in the future.

When the strategy is in place - the design phase starts, depending on the requirements of the project:
- We can create concepts and prototypes, going through multiple iterations to make sure that the product is ready to go in the market. The products we are working with include furniture and lighting, but it's not limited by only this categories;
- We can design a service for customers of your company, or service for employees of your company to create a better working environment and conditions for increasing efficiency;
- We can design a book or report to share our research and ideas about the topic.

We are driven by nature and technology, getting inspiration in both worlds, that we believe are merging into one. In some cases, when the subject of research resonates with us on the personal level we turn it into an art piece.

Our Services and Products

Design Research
Material Research
Strategy Development
Consulting on innovative products and services
Concept Design
Product Design
Service Design
Book Design
Art Installation

Exhibitions and Events

02.09.2020 – 16.01.2021
Krapiva Zhguchaya at YKSI EXPO
17.10.2020 – 25.10.2020
Krapiva Zhguchaya at Dutch Design Week
117.10.2020 – 25.10.2020
Sōl at Dutch Design Week