Light Sculpture

The light sculpture Fragmental (consciously) consists of several materials. But this object can be recycled and separated into the original materials without disassembly.

The project started with research into the use of nettle in traditional Russian crafts. The nettle is a sturdy plant that does not need much to grow. The stem is rich in cellulose, the material that is also extracted from cotton or wood, for example in the textile and paper industry.

Studio laVina experimented with different composites and eventually created a light sculpture. Tests with TNO's new Torwash technology made it possible to separate this object into the original raw materials, which could then be reused. This applied to the cellulose from the nettle, the lactic acid from PLA and the metals. Chemical recycling thus enables us to maintain the quality of materials and make production circular.

Concept, design and development:

Studio laVina

In partnership with:

TNO, Yksi Expo, Dutch Design Foundation